About me


I'm David

I started wood turning some 10 years ago. I find it an interesting pass time and great hobby for anyone that has enough space for a lathe. When I bought my first lathe I started out practicing in my garage. Once I got into it and realised that it was something that I wanted to pursue, I eventually erected a large 12ft x 8 ft wooden workshop in the rear garden and bought my newest lathe.
I took a wood turning course to learn the basics and various techniques and learned the rest by trial and error and hard graft!
Originally I started doing spindle work but soon chose to pursue an interest in bowls and hollow forms. I find bowls and pots enjoyable to do and like that I can experiment with new shapes and designs. It is pleasing to turn a piece that is functional, as well as ornate and individual every time. I am then left with functional objecs of interest that encourage people to pick them up and look at.
I still go to a weekly wood turners club where it's good to mingle with like minded people and share experiences, ideas and techniques.